Continental Rx


The long success of the famous Little Havana drug store, Continental Rx Pharmacy, has a long record of supporting community needs for over 50 years. Much of the pharmaceutical work that has been done has increased awareness of medical products and ensured a clearer understanding with the process of filing claims with insurance companies.

Members of Continental Rx Pharmacy have learned that there is much more to this family owned drugstore than simply filling prescriptions. For half a century, this local Little Havana drug store in Miami Fl has kept ahead of the time in its service offering and has won the trust of the people time and time again. People depend on Continental pharmacy for their medicine in Miami, as a payment center for their utilities in Miami, and as a discount store with various household items. Visitors are able to quickly pay their current or outstanding utility bills and stock up on the necessities while they pick up their prescription.

Wide Range of Services

Along with utility payments, people also stop in Continental pharmacy to send or receive money, or even to receive a specific money order. Recently, new services have been introduced such as copying services, faxing and other small business needs. In the rapid paced world that people live in, especially in South Florida, it is good to know that you have a Miami pharmacy that provides almost any medical or small business need people need. Avoid the long lines and hassle of a large supermarket when you need to purchase a household cleaner or a sheets for the bed. Our wide variety of discount store items services the needs of our community at a fair price.

Insurance Advice

Another highlight is its ongoing efforts in educating the population and guiding them along the insurance process. With so many questions circulating around on how to successfully navigate the health insurance system, Continental Rx has created a support system to aid clients in staying healthy while staying aware on how to deal with health insurance companies.

Make Yourself at Home

As a Good Neighbor Pharmacy, Continental Rx has learned that what makes a good pharmacy great, is its ability to connect and support its clients. From the very start, new clients can feel the difference between chain stores and this local Little Havana drug store gem. Three parts have always enabled success between the company and its clients – Service, Product, and Care.

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