Continental Rx

Our Legacy

By providing services unique to pharmacies in Miami, Florida, the team at Continental Rx Pharmacy prides itself not only on offering the highest quality of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies at low prices, but also enjoys leading the community in making the right health choices. Everything you can find in a chain drug store, with personalized service. Unlike many pharmacies in Miami, Fl, this local family run drugstore took a stand against selling tobacco 15 years prior to chains and other Miami pharmacies.

Continental Rx Pharmacy has helped educate thousands of people in important topics of health, medicine and how to navigate insurance and PBM (pharmacy benefit managers). The founders of this South Florida pharmacy have seen the pharmaceutical business change drastically over the years. For over 50 years this local Miami drug store has observed large industry and community changes. In an effort to intelligently adapt to these changes, Continental Rx Pharmacy began actively assisting its clients on how to be successful in navigating insurance processes. Aiding hundreds of residents in Miami in an effort to educate the public in how to best benefit from their health insurance. Continental has become a leader in walking people through the health insurance process in an honest and helpful way.

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