Continental Rx

Discount Store

By refining its product offering to a more natural stock of medicine and remedies that actually benefits the community, Continental Rx Pharmacy has become one of the most popular drug stores in Miami. One of the more unique parts to this 8th Street Miami pharmacy is that it blends old with new, and old as in proven traditional Cuban remedies. The ability to create a store that corresponds with the culture of the neighborhood while providing medical services is no small feat. In addition to its medical services this family owned and operated drug store offers medical delivery services, utility payments, money orders, money transfers, copying, faxing and more. Continental Rx’s discount store provides a wide range of items that can help with last minute needs, common cleaners and household items without the need to visit a large, hectic supermarket. As big pharma continues to grow, Continental Rx Pharmacy has extended itself deeper into the community.

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